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MN MLS Home Listings If you’re a home buyer looking for a home for yourself or a real estate investor looking for opportunities to add properties to your portfolio, Northstar MLS listed short sales are an excellent opportunity to purchase property at a low price. The number of property listings in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area that are being sold as short sales varies, but there are always opportunities to purchase a property for buyers who have patience and who are willing to go through a process than can sometimes be complex. At our REMAX Realty team, we have a number of licensed agents who have extensive experience in helping home buyers through the process of purchasing properties through short sales. Some of the issues to consider when thinking about purchasing a short sale property include:

  • Locating Potential Properties – It can be more difficult to find opportunities for short sale purchases than other types of property. Short sale properties are often listed with Participants of the Northstar MLS of Minnesota. Our short sale agents who are members of Northstar MLS, can conduct a complete search of the various home listings for you. By doing so, we will be able to identify short sale properties that meet your specifications for location, home type, and other factors.
  • Short Sale Property Types – Short sale properties represent the complete range of Minnesota real estate. From townhomes and condos to single-family homes in all price ranges and other types of property, the short sale buyer seeking properties will find opportunities.
  • Short Sale Property Condition – While some MN MLS listed short sale homes are in excellent conditions, it sometimes happens that the same economic issues that put a homeowner in jeopardy also mean that normal maintenance and repairs may not have been made. Careful inspection of any real estate you are considering is always in order.
  • Transaction Complexity – Short sales often take longer to complete than normal real estate transactions. The process of negotiation with lenders can be difficult at times, and short sales fall through more often than traditional home sales. The more complicated the financial situation for an individual property is, the more difficult and time-consuming the transaction may be. Working with an experienced short sale agent is your best assurance of success, but patience and flexibility is often required.
  • Price Considerations – While bargains often can be found in short sale situations, it’s unreasonable to expect fire sale prices for these Northstar MLS MN listings. Buyers often save a considerable amount over properties that are not being sold in difficult circumstances, but lenders won’t accept offers that are unrealistically low. The advice of your agent should be your best guide when considering making an offer, and short sale offers are no exception. Through experience and knowledge, the our REMAX agents are uniquely able to help you decide what offer has a good chance of being accepted.

Helping MN Short Sale Buyers Search for Properties in Minneapolis St. Paul

From locating short sale properties that match your criteria to navigating the difficult waters of negotiating with lenders, our REMAX agents are your best allies. Our agents who specialize in short sales, can help you search for properties listed with Participants of Northstar MLS of Minnesota. We can help you locate short sale homes and other Twin Cities properties that fit your criteria, and arrange showings of these properties. In Minnesota, a licensed Realtor or agent has complete access to the MLS MN, and we are happy to do additional searches for you. Our agents can also recommend short sale properties listed with us. Then, they can assist with every aspect of these complex transactions, negotiating with lenders and helping you to close successfully. If you’re considering a short sale purchase, contact us to discuss your plans with one of our specialists.