Minnesota Guaranteed Home Sale Program – Minneapolis St. Paul

When you’re selling a Minneapolis St. Paul home or other property, time is an important factor. You may be buying a new home and need your home to be sold as part of the process by the closing date of your new purchase. If the home doesn’t sell in time, your purchase may fall through. Or, perhaps you’re relocating out of the Twin Cities, and need to sell your home on a schedule to avoid the complications of selling it after you’re already in your new location. In some cases, economic difficulties may make it important that your home sells quickly to avoid a possible foreclosure and serious credit issues. Whatever your reason for selling, making that sale within a certain time limit may complicate things.

At our REMAX Realty team, our powerful marketing program and sales strategies produces excellent results in getting our MLS listed properties sold promptly and for a good price. Our team sold over 1,100 homes in 2012 and over 1,275 in 2013. As active members of Northstar MLS of Minnesota, our listing agents can get your home listed on the MLS database so that it receives maximal exposure when prospective buyers search for homes. Our sales team uses advanced marketing strategies and a creative approach to sell homes quickly, regardless of market conditions. Listing your Minnesota home or other properties with our REMAX agents and Realtors is your best assurance of a timely sale at a price that meets your expectations.

Minnesota Real Estate Listing Agents & Realtors in Minneapolis St. Paul

Still, things don’t always go as expected. That’s why we offer our Guaranteed Home Sale Program. For qualified homes, if we don’t sell your home within a set period of time, we’ll buy it ourselves at a price set in advance. What that means is that your sale is guaranteed, either to a home buyer or to us. We’re so confident in our multiple marketing methods and the skills of our sales team that we can make that offer. Under this program, when you list your home with us, you can start packing, knowing that the sale is assured. Here are some of the reasons we’re confident your home will sell:

  • Accurate Home Evaluations – We understand the current housing market in the Minneapolis St. Paul area and research your home’s market value based on our extensive knowledge and experience. We’ll help you set a price for your home that keeps it from lingering on the market.
  • Home Preparation – Our agents can help you find ways to make your home even more marketable. By preparing your home for showings, based on our recommendations, you can help assure a quick sale.
  • Effective Marketing – We will list your home with the Northstar MLS of MN and market it on our popular real estate websites, and through radio and internet advertising. Home buyers look to our REMAX Realty team when they’re looking for a home, because they know our reputation.
  • Sales Techniques that Work – Our creative and experienced Realtors and agents will present your home in open houses and showings to its best advantage. Our low-pressure approach makes our agents popular with home buyers.
  • Expert Negotiations – Every agent and Realtor on our team understands the psychology of home sales, and we’re experienced negotiators. We work diligently with all parties to make things happen. When an issue arises, we work to solve it and never give up.
  • We’ll Buy It if Necessary – For qualified homes in our program, our Guaranteed Home Sale Program means that if all else fails, we’ll buy your home. Your home is sold.

How Our Guaranteed Home Sale Program Works

If you’re interested in this program, contact our REMAX team for details. We’ll explain every aspect of the program and how it works to guarantee that your home will sell. We base this program on our confidence in our marketing and sales strategies, and offer it because we know that those strategies mean success in home sales. We’ve been the #1 Real Estate Team in Minnesota for any brokerage since 2006, and know that we have the powerful tools and talented team that spells success. If your home qualifies for this program, we’ll guarantee the sale, buying the home ourselves if it doesn’t sell.

Every home listed with The Minnesota Real Estate Team gets the benefit of our long experience and extensive expertise in selling MLS listings in the Twin Cities. Our reputation and status as the #1 REMAX team is based on our success, and they are on the line with every listing. You can count on us to provide the representation your home deserves and we’ll work diligently to sell your home quickly and for the most advantageous price. We’re so confident that we can sell your home, we offer a Guaranteed Home Sale Program. It’s your assurance that your home is in the best possible hands when you list it with The Minnesota Real Estate Team. Contact us today for more information and for a free, no-obligation home market value evaluation.