Buying Houses & Real Estate in Minneapolis Neighborhoods

Minnesota MLS Search As with all major cities, there’s no single way to describe Minneapolis. That’s particularly true when talking about real estate and various MLS listings in the city. Minneapolis is a city of many neighborhoods, each with different characteristics that affect multiple aspects of neighborhood life. Officially, the city is divided into eleven “communities,” each made up of multiple neighborhoods. Unofficially, residents and others have different descriptions of the divisions of the Minneapolis. It can be very confusing, and everyone from local news announcers to real estate agents uses different terminology to describe the makeup of the city.

The bottom line is that the characteristics of the parts of Minneapolis are different throughout the city. When it comes to searching through real estate listings in the city, many home buyers are confused by the terminology attached to neighborhoods and districts. The solution to that problem is to develop a relationship with a licensed, professional real estate agent, like those at our top REMAX team, who has extensive knowledge and experience with the city’s housing market. Even then, having some idea of where you want to begin your home search can help a great deal. Here’s a rundown on the five major residential districts in the city. Click the links for more information on each district:

  • Uptown Homes for Sale – Uptown generally refers to the residential areas around the intersection of Hennepin and Lagoon Avenues. Strictly speaking, it refers to the business district, but Uptown has come to be used to refer to a larger area, encompassing the northern part of the Calhoun-Isles community and other neighborhoods. Homes in this area include everything from condos and apartments to upscale homes nearby. A lively and constantly changing district, it has become a desirable area for a wide range of home buyers. Our licensed real estate agents can find the Minnesota MLS listings that match your search criteria.
  • Downtown Condos for Sale – For many people, the downtown is not usually thought of as a residential district, but that has changed rapidly in recent years. Including the areas of downtown along the river, as well as the warehouse district, the North Loop, Loring Park, and other areas around the downtown business district, six distinct neighborhoods make up what is commonly called Downtown. Condominium homes, often in the upscale price range, make up a large majority of residences in this district, but other homes are also within this general area.
  • South Minneapolis Homes for Sale – This catchall designation includes a large number of neighborhoods, and a wide variety of homes in all price ranges. It extends from the southern section of Calhoun & Isles to the eastern part of the city, adjacent to the Mississippi River. Everything south of I-94 is often lumped into this designation. Within South Minneapolis, home buyers will find a wide range of home listings, ranging from bargain-priced homes under $100,000, to stately homes priced over $1 million. Don’t hesitate to have a licensed agent on our team access the MN MLS for you, and email you the various listings in this area.
  • North Minneapolis Homes for Sale – North Minneapolis is a general label, and includes a wide range of neighborhoods. This area, which is made up of neighborhoods in the Near North and Camden communities in the northwest quadrant of the city. A wide range of homes exists in real estate listings in this district, with some neighborhoods being more popular than others with home buyers. It’s generally bounded by I-94 on the east, Broadway Avenue on the west, and I-394 on the south, with the northern limits roughly at 53rd Avenue North. Bargains among Minnesota MLS property listings are common in this District, making it a favorite with real estate investors adding to their portfolio of rentals, along with first time home buyers looking for bargains on their first home.
  • Northeast Minneapolis Homes for Sale – Often called "Nordeast" by residents, this district is made up of 13 neighborhoods, and also includes part of the University community. It has poorly-defined borders, but, if you’re in a part of the city where the streets have NE in their names, you’re in the Northeast district. Very active, and ever changing, Northeast Minneapolis is attractive to homeowners for its low home prices listed on MN MLS and the upswing in young families upgrading and restoring homes in many neighborhoods. An active arts and music community add to its attraction for younger home buyers. The district contains many historic buildings and is made up of both older homes and newer multi-family housing.

Search Home Listings in Minneapolis – Let the Map be Your Search Guide

Many home buyers begin their search with a map of Minneapolis, and that’s a great way to start, since location is more a matter of where you are on the map than of named neighborhoods and communities. As a broker member of Northstar MLS MN, we’re proud to present our Minnesota Real Estate Online Search to help home buyers find homes of interest. After choosing Minneapolis and adding it to your selected cities list in the search form, select your desired price range and other options to define your home buying goals. You’ll see icons that represent listings on the map. You can zoom in and out and click and drag the map around within its window to define a general area. Then, hovering your mouse pointer over any icon will display a thumbnail image and description, while clicking on an icon will show you the details of that listing. At any time, you can click Search Results to see the listings visible on your map in a list form. Any licensed real estate agent with our REMAX team can show you any of the listings you find in your search. And at any time, with the Broker Reciprocity on this website, you can search by MN MLS number.

The listings shown in the searches on this website are properties listed by Participants of the Northstar MLS of MN. Any of our REMAX agents and Realtors will be happy to do additional searches for various types of properties for you as well. These MN multiple listings are emailed to you by your agent and your agent can show you homes throughout the city at your convenience.

Minneapolis Real Estate Buying & Listing Agents

There are many reasonably priced MLS home listings in Minneapolis, and homes are available throughout the city in all price ranges. At our top REMAX team, many of our licensed agents have extensive knowledge of the Minneapolis housing market, and can help you find a home that meets your goals in any neighborhood in the city. Our licensed agents offer exceptional services with purchasing and selling properties on Minnesota multiple listing service. Our commitment to complete service means that from the beginning of your home search to move-in day, your agent with The Minnesota Real Estate Team will assist you on your schedule, at your pace, and with your criteria and goals as top priorities. All of our agents are members of Northstar MLS. Contact us today for a showing of a home you’ve found in your search on this website, or to discuss your plans with us. We’d love to help you find and purchase your new home in Minneapolis or anywhere in the Twin Cities metro area.