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MN Minneapolis MLS Listings North Minneapolis, made up of the Near North and Camden communities, covers the northwest quadrant of Minneapolis. Its exact borders can be confusing, but the district is bounded on the east by I-94 and on the west by the city limits of Minneapolis. Its Southern border is near Olsen Memorial highway. If the streets you are on have North or N as part of their designation, you’re in North Minneapolis. Primarily residential in nature, this part of the city is also home to a number of historical churches and other buildings, built earlier in the history of Minneapolis.

Home buyers can find many opportunities in this district to buy MN MLS listed homes at prices lower than in some other parts of Minneapolis. Real estate investors find bargains here, too, as candidates for additions to their rental portfolios. Driving around through the district lets home buyers find neighborhoods that have the qualities that are appealing to them and to see the variety of homes available in this district. Different neighborhoods appeal to different home buyers, as is true in every real estate market.

Home prices in North Minneapolis cover a fairly large range, including homes priced under $100,000, including a number of foreclosures and lender-owned homes. Many opportunities exist to buy Minnesota MLS listed homes priced between $100,000 and $200,000, and nicely restored and updated homes, townhomes, and condominium homes in some neighborhoods can be found in the $200-300,000 range on Northstar MLS of MN. Some real gems here exist for those willing to search for them.

Finding Home & Property Listings in North Minneapolis

Our top REMAX team which has over 75 members of Northstar MLS MN suggests the MN House Listings Online as a great way to search for homes in this residential district. After adding Minneapolis to the Selected Cities list in the search form, choose your desired price range and select options in the form that match what you’re looking for in a home. Then, in the map below the form, zoom in and move the map within its window to home in on the North Minneapolis area. Hold your mouse pointer over any icon to preview the listing or click the icon to see details. You can also click Search Results to see homes within the viewing area as a list. Register with our SearchSaver feature to view even more information and to save your search and use additional tools. Your agent with The Minnesota Real Estate Team can show you any home you find in your search, and can also suggest additional Minnesota MLS listed properties that match your goals.

The listings in the website search tools show properties listed with Participants of the Northstar MLS of MN. And each of our agents is a member of Northstar MLS. Our team members will be happy to do additional searches for you to find listings that match your criteria. The newest information can be emailed to you, and your agent can arrange showings of any North Minneapolis home at your convenience.

North Minneapolis Real Estate Services for Real Estate Buyers & Sellers

Having help from an experienced, professional Realtor or agent can make all the difference in your search for a home to buy. At our top REMAX Realty team, our 75+ licensed real estate agents include agents with extensive knowledge of real estate in North Minneapolis. Helping home buyers find and purchase MN MLS listed homes for sale that match the buyer’s goals is one of our top priorities, and we can help you throughout the process. From your initial search to a successful closing, your buyer’s agent from The Minnesota Real Estate Team will work tirelessly to make the process of buying your next home a pleasure. Contact us today to arrange a showing of homes you find in your website search, or to discuss your plans.